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Mac Cosmetics Wholesale?spring is here and Mothers' Day is right around the corner, so allow Becca's Balearic Love Collection for Spring 2012 to take you away to love and romance land! Becca is loved all over the world, including USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, and is known for its excellent quality formulas, high quality products and long lasting performance. The Balearic Love Collection comes in super sexy and senusuous shades, in rich and warm hues of bronze, plum and violet for the eyes; nude and delicate pink shades for lips; and natural matte bronze which creates shape and definition for the complexion.

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1.Mac Makeup Kit?Eye Tint in Romanticism is a wonderful eye base, that creates a flawless look, because this comes on as a cream and finishes to a powder water resistant, crease resistant and streak free for all day and all night wewar. It glides on eyes so easily, and gives it luxurious color. This gorgeous mauve and bronze tint can be worn alone or layered underneath the Balearic Love Palette for added depth and crease proof color. This eye tint is perfect for those who want to a hint of color during the day, and layer additional colors for a dramatic and intense look at night.

2. Balearic Love Palette is one of Becca's top favorite palettes of all time! The limited edition Love Palette consists of highly pigmented, fade and crease resistant shades that have a rich and soft texture, so they glide on evenly on the eye lids. The palette is fragrance and preservative free, so they are ideal for very sensitive eyes. The versatile formula can be used wet or dry for a range of finishes, and this palette creaates richly shaded, sensuous, sexy and seductive eyes in jewelled tones of bronzed plum and violet! Balearic Love Palette comes in a combination of velvet matte and soft shimmer textures, and the shades are Atlas, Romal and Marcella.

3. Line and Define Pencil in Cabrera (metallic bronze and deep violet) is incredibly soft and smooth! This wonderful liner has a metallic bronze pencil on one end, and a deep violet brown on the other end. When blended together, the color looks flawless and most beautiful on eyes! The darker tip is a combination of deep brown to purple, which makes eyes pop. The finish is very mysterious and sexy, as it looks like a perfect combination of matte, metallic and shimmer?Mac Make Up UK.

4. Mineral Blush in Bolero is one of the most luxury powder for cheeks! This long wearing mineral blush makes cheeks look natural, luminous, and gives cheeks a hint of highlight to lift the complexion, with a delicate formula that looks so natural and radiant on skin. This mineral blush is perfect for the warmer spring weather and will even work better in the hot summer weather, because it looks great on skin with minimal makeup and it emphasizes the bronze color in a tan.

5. Sheer Tint Lip Color comes in variety of sheer, hydrating lipsticks with subtle shine in a palette of tones flattering for all skin tones! Becca's Sheer Tint Lip Colour contains a cocktail of emollients and antioxidants such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Honey and Vitamin E, to moisturize and protect the lips while providing a smooth, even application of creamy colour. This hydrating, luxurious lipstick goes incredibly silky, soft, smooth, lightweight on lips, and lasts for several hours. Sheer Tint Lip Color goes on semi sheer, and if you apply it heavily, it goes on semi opaque, but not too heavy, so lips look luscious and natural.

6. Nail Colour in Pasa Doble, Tempranillo and Cala Blanca (black plum, wine red, sandy nude) is an excellent nail polish, that dries fast with a high gloss shine! Only two coats of this nail polish, will make nails look sexy, sensuous, sultry and it lasts for days without chipping?Cheap Mac Makeup UK.