When the club history was written in 1999, it coincided with the increase in availability of the internet to the point where most homes are now 'on-line'. The same applies worldwide and, as a result, information comes to light which has not been previously available. This page will be updated with information about the club's former professionals from the early years, as it comes to light.


When the club history was written in 1999, Harold Watson, club professional from 1902 to 1905, was known only as H.Watson and that, at the end of 1905, he went to 'try his luck' in New Zealand.

It now appears that he spent the rest of his life down there and that his brother, Leo, who was born in St Helens, went with him. Leo played first class cricket briefly for Otago in 1911-12, but Harold went on to have a long career which saw him play quite a bit of first class cricket. He features in 'Cricinfo' and in 'cricketarchive' from where this information is drawn.

Full name:Harold Cooper Watson

Born:24th December 1879, Calverton, Nottinghamshire, England

Died:2nd July 1958, Auckland, New Zealand

Batting: Right-hand batsman

Relations:Brother: L.C.Watson

Teams: Otago (Main FC: 1907/08-1914/15); Canterbury (Main FC: 1917/18); Wellington (Main FC: 1923/24)

The museum of cricket in New Zealand have more information about Harold Watson and the club are in the process of sending off for this info.


Bill Barrick was professional at the club from 1912 to 1914 and then again after the great war in 1923. Reading accounts of his exploits single him out as one of the true characters of the game. His grandson, Brian, a retired geologist, resides in Bakersfield USA and has sent some fascinating information across the pond. He says:

"I have attached a Journal Article from 1951 which has a brief history of his career. probably his version, so it may not be that accurate.  A couple of things are hard to read.  He retired at 68   They had 6 sons and two daughters who lived.  There is a 2 year old son buried in St Anne's Clifton and I understand there were a couple of still born babies.  He was born in 1879 and died in 1953.  This was a miracle given the way he smoked.  I have one of the cricket balls seen in the article, photo attached.  The inscription reads "South Lancashire League Bowling Prize 2nd Division 1927. Won by W. Barrick",  It is in great condition. One of the balls was the one he took the 10 Unsworth wickets with - I believe that Cousin Fred Barrick has that ball."

The man in the middle is Grandad Barrick but in the back row the fourth from the left, the tallish fair headed player is Uncle Fred.  Fred was the oldest boy - he was a Chartered Accountant and ended up playing for Swinton.  His son, also Fred played for Swinton, his second son Alan Barrick was a pro in the Bolton Association for a long time.  Fred still lives in the area in Worsley and Alan lives in North Wales. Also, after a lot of looking at old pictures we think the man first left is my father - Jack Barrick - he played for Clifton for a couple of seasons but was more interested in cross country - he ran for Winton Harriers and was quite good. After printing the picture and really looking at it the young man holding the trophy is Bill Barrick, Old Bill's youngest son.  He had a very mild case of Infantile Paralysis (Polio) and walked with a limb and wore a leg brace.  He was always the family mascot.