JUNIOR scrapbook.jpg

Junior cricket has been alive and kicking for a long time at Clifton

Here’s a trip down memory lane for those involved.







u12 1979.jpgOver a quarter of a century has passed and yet a goodly number of these faces, though somewhat aged, are still actively involved with the club. This period heralded the start of a golden period for the club in which Clifton’s juniors swept almost all before them. Marvellous bit of photo enhancement on show here - the originals were awful !








u14 1981.jpg

1980S 1.jpgFast forward a decade or so and the faces, if anything, become less familiar - but still a few notable mugshots to ponder over.







1980S 2.jpg

inter lg u13 2007.jpg

cliftons salford u13 oldtraff.jpg



The 2011 under 9s festival day turned into a mudbath, but the boys and girls enjoyed it and it made for some smashing photographs !